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What would make you go electric? Survey results

Our September newsletter included an anonymous survey to gauge opinion about how myAutomate app fossil fuel drivers think about electric vehicles and what influenced their views about switching over in the future. The responses appeared to show that whilst some were ready to switch over, the majority needed further persuasion to switch over in the near future.

The survey was split into three main areas.

Your next vehicle

We asked how likely it is that their next vehicle would be electric. Only 7% replied that it would be a pure EV, with 43% saying they would consider one but would need convincing. Just under 40% were not considering an EV as their next vehicle, with 10% looking at a hybrid.

Interestingly, 81% were put off by the purchase cost, with 60% concerned about the range limitations. The following two items that concerned the respondents were the time spent charging (46%) and the lack of public charging facilities (37%)

Charging an Electric Vehicle

Part of the survey included a couple of questions on how people would look to charge their EV.

Just over 58% would look to charge via a mix of home and public charging. Only 25% would install a charger at home, and 17% would rely on public charging. Only 15% were sure they would charge at work, with 70% unable to charge and 15% were unsure.

Public Charge Points

Asking our users how they would expect to pay to charge a vehicle, 54% would prefer to use a card or cash as they do now, and 44% would like to use a mobile app or loyalty card with discounts on the published price.

Our users will need more persuasion to move over to electric sooner rather than later. There is concern over the cost and range of EVs in particular, and if people are willing to charge via a mix of home and public charging, they want to make the purchase as straightforward as possible.