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Guide: Top 8 Things to Have in your Car

With the new government guidance to work from home, if you can, many drivers could be driving less frequently, and as we head into the depths of winter, we are more likely to be unprepared when we do have to make an essential journey.

As well as ensuring that you should continue to check your tyre pressures, oil levels, and screen wash, we wanted to focus on what you should keep in your vehicle to ensure your safety.

1. High vis jacket

In an emergency where you have to exit your vehicle, it's important to be visible to other road users. There is a greater risk of breakdowns or road traffic collisions when visibility and weather are poor. A high vis jacket is also helpful as a way of getting attention.

2. Torch

Having a good quality torch on hand can make changing a tyre more manageable. A free-standing LED torch is likely your best option as the batteries will last longer than a traditional touch, and freeing your hands to work on the vehicle will be a great benefit.

3. Mini first aid kit and any medications

A well-equipped first aid kit with the necessary supplies will mean that you are prepared if you do ever need to give first aid.

If you take any prescribed medications or need an EpiPen, keep two doses in the car if you forget it or are stuck at someone's house and must take the meds. Make sure they are clearly labeled and stored securely away from children. If you suffer any medical condition that could potentially be serious, keep a copy of your emergency contacts in the car and make sure your phone has all the information stored on the lock screen in case something happens.

4. Water and food

It is advisable to carry water, preferably in a refillable bottle, and food for all journeys if you get stuck in traffic or experience a breakdown. Having both water and food will help keep you alert and awake.

5. Warm clothing and waterproofs

If you must exit the vehicle or lose heating, ensuring that you remain warm is essential. Carrying an extra coat or blanket for yourself and passengers can mean that a difficult situation doesn't get worse. These can be stored in the vehicle's boot out of the way.

6. De-icer, screen wash, and scrapers

In the winter, your vehicle can start to freeze during the day and overnight, so keeping items to remove ice and improve visibility within the vehicle is advisable. In extreme conditions, shovels can also be helpful, but if the weather is likely to be poor, consider your journey is essential before you set off.

7. Emergency triangle

If you break down, much like the high-vis jacket, having an emergency triangle will be a great help to stop any further collision. They pack relatively small and can be stored in the boot to keep it out of the way. You can get them online or from a car parts shop.

8. Mobile Phone and charging cable

No one goes anywhere without their phone now, but it is advisable to ensure that

you leave a charging cable in the vehicle to charge. Battery power will drain quickly if used to make calls, navigate, or attract attention.

Remember that the myAutomate app can store information such as your insurance company and show you where local Petrol stations are and even mechanics.

What should I always have in my car?

However, please do not use a phone while driving; it's against the law.