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Contactless car washing to keep our customers safe

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With worries about Covid and new variants increasing, now more than ever is the time to choose a responsible car wash.

At Waves we pride ourselves on ensuring the safety of our customers and our workers. Our convenient, wash while you shop service not only gives your vehicle an outstanding clean, but you can be safe in the knowledge that we have put strict Covid operating procedures in place.

We offer a Covid secure experience and our workers take every precaution including masks, gloves, and sanitiser as required. We offer a range of cashless payment options including chip and PIN, the GoWash payment App, and our own Customer App (this range may vary by site) and you can even have a completely contactless service if you prefer, just ask an operator when you are on site.

Waves customer app - find a car wash, get directions, view prices, pre book and pay. Waves hand car wash mobile app.

Our bespoke software systems make your experience even more convenient. You can use our Customer App to find your nearest Waves car wash and to look at our service offering and prices for each location. The App is free to download from the Apple Store and GooglePlay and you can create a full account if you want to pre-book a service for your convenience or if you’d like to pay through the App on-site. You can also collect and track loyalty points through the App.

Waves is proud to provide a best-in-class hand car wash and valeting service from hundreds of car parks across the UK, predominantly at Tesco, ASDA, and Sainsbury’s, as well as some shopping centres, and we have a wide range of services available to suit your needs. Importantly, we have a specialist ‘deep clean sanitising package’ which you can add to any of our outside washes which uses Autoglym’s high-quality products to ensure the interior of your vehicle is freshly sanitised.

All our operators have had Autoglym training to ensure we can deliver a superior valeting service and we believe that our continuous support is what ensures our excellent customer service.

Waves offers a “Fair Wash”

There are thousands of car washes to choose from but our focus on compliance, training, and auditing ensures we provide a safe experience for you as well as a legal and ethical service. This starts with the purpose-built car wash installation and we invest in building a robust and compliant infrastructure that meets planning, environmental, and Health & Safety guidelines and legislation.

Compliance is the backbone of our business and gives reassurance to our high-profile clients and customers. Our robust processes and policies underpin every part of what Waves does from keeping our customers and employees healthy and safe on-site, to disposing of the wastewater responsibly.

Waves hand car wash.

Car owners can rest assured that they’re paying for a “Fair Wash” because Waves works hard with the Responsible Car Wash Scheme to ensures that every valeter is paid at least the National Minimum / Living Wage; in addition, Waves is proud to be a member of the Car Wash Association.

You can find out more about Waves at www.wavescarwash.co.uk/about-us. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our car washes soon.

You can find all of the Waves car wash locations and opening times in the myAutomate app.