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Are you a savvy fuel buyer?

Being a savvy fuel buyer does not mean always finding the very cheapest price, but the best price.

The myAutomate app is packed full of features aimed to help take the stress out of owning and driving a vehicle. One of the key features is the ability to see nearby fuel prices tailored to your unleaded petrol or diesel vehicle. By linking your car in the myDriveway section with the fuel type, the app returns the appropriate prices without you having to select anything.

By informing users of the brand, price and distance, drivers can make informed decisions about the best place to refuel or take a break. The intuitive app makes it quick and easy to get recently updated reliable information. A simple tap of the desired location takes the user straight to the phone’s navigation screen, ensuring a smooth transition from phone to the forecourt.

In addition to this, a user can see nearby fuel locations on the map, with details such as opening times, facilities and the products available.

These features take the guesswork out of refuelling a vehicle. There’s no need to spend time or burn fuel searching for the best price or driving out of your way to the supermarket you believe to be the cheapest; with the myAutomate app users can find a balance between price and saving time. Anyone can become a savvy fuel buyer by simply downloading the myAutomate app.

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